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Akira Matsukane 1st pro model (2018-07-25 11:35 pm)
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笹岡健介 プロフィール (2018-06-23 11:58 am)
WW BRAND & TRACKER (2018-06-01 3:25 am)

New Jereme Rogers.


New Jereme Rogers boards are now available for pre book! Check em out! We kept the classics and introduced a few new ones.

100% Hardrock Canadian maple and made in Canada! A dried up branch snaps… so does a board. We offer fresh boards that have optimal moisture to ensure your boards last longer. Wood is the highest grade you can buy and ordered bi-monthly so you get a quality product every time!

If you want to see some new Jereme Rogers footage check out #MiAmor on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/miamor…selfish-in-spain/id544163989

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