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CRAIL TRUCKS COMING SOON (2020-07-16 11:35 am)
WOODY’S TRUCKS IN STORE NOW (2020-07-16 11:30 am)
SHOWGEKI IN STORE NOW (2020-06-08 1:21 pm)
TRI-STAR TRUCKS (2020-04-06 1:57 am)
Tracker “AXIS” 入荷 (2020-04-06 12:57 am)

1031 長期休暇に入ります。



Bleed for me ”自分の為に血を流せ” と当時から激しいスローガンでスタイルを一貫してきた1031が休止に入る事はとても残念でなりませんが、オーナーであるクリスチャンスビタックのプレスリリースで、今はLANDSHARKWHEELSに力を注ぎたいとの気持ちを理解したいと思います。

長年 1031を愛用して頂いたスケーターの皆さん 今までありがとうございました。


Thanks 1031 skateboards

1031 Skateboards is going on vacation. We will be putting all of our focus and money into Landshark Wheels. Landshark has been growing at a very fast rate for us and is requiring our full attention. We are marking all of our existing 1031 boards down . So if you want to support 1031 one last time and get a great deal on an American made skateboard, get them now atwww.Regulatordist.com. All operations with Beer City, Landshark and Regulator Distribution are business as usual.

I will now be joining my old pal Mike Vallely at his growing and evolving company, Street Plant Brand. Ive been watching what Mike has been doing with this over the past year. I understand it, I get it and I am excited about it! Stay tuned for my new pro model decks coming out soon atwww.streetplantbrand.com @streetplantbrnd
Thanks you so much for all of your 1031 support over the past 9 years!
I had an amazing time!
Very sincerely,
Kristian Svitak
1031 Skates 2006-2015